52 Songs

We are going to damn-well try!

Antonio and the Imaginary Friends have been recording at Ice Cream Factory Studios for years. Hence, the Friends have been sitting on a vast back catalog of songs for years.  We are releasing everything! 

Are we out of our minds? Maybe. But even if we release 25 songs. That is 25 more songs than we have ever released before. Join us on our journey!  

0. Fuck You Cancer

I consider this the song that started our 52 song journey. On August 27, 2020, I lost my dear friend Thomas. We had made music together as Magnificat since 2003. He left this world due to his battle with cancer. In 2015, I began to write this song. At the time I was selling bourbon and living on the road. I should up at a songwriters meeting with Art House Dallas. Most of the folks in attendance shared songs about christiandom. I showed up with Fuck You Cancer.  We sat in a circle and people shared their tracks. My turn came. I remember being uncomfortable to sing - you never know how conservative people are or where they stand on cursing. 

I shared my songs. The table remained quiet. One guy finally says, " Antonio this is powerful. And if you say Fuck You - mean it. 

I wouldn't begin to recording the track until 2018. I invited Robsey and Claire McDaniel to sing with me. Claire has battled cancer multiple times. I love her vocals on the 3rd chorus. It gives me chills everytime I hear them. 

The loss of Thomas made me think about all of the music I sitting on. I have so many songs that nearly complete. By the time, November 2020 hit, I decided to release every song I have would be the best way to honor him.  

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1. Monster Mash
2. Silver Bells
3. Coronavirus Christmas
4. Christmas Time Is Here
5. Auld Lang Syne
6. Gold Star
7. Happy Upgrade To You
8. Fall In Like
9. Just In Case You Weren't Sure (I'm The Kinda Guy)
10. Don't Mess With Texas
11. Open Source
12. Just A Click Away
13. To Love and Love Alike
Our Birth - 2013 /// Frontier Bar /// Austin, TX

Our birth. I had gotten asked to open a show for a friend. I wish I could remember his band name. I hadn't performed live for a few years and I was in the middle of writing a children's book. I had a number of very silly songs, presented my truly imaginary band, and began to play. The bar started dancing to my child-like melodies. And the rest is history. After that show, I got approached by my pal Andrew Salido. He wanted to play sax. And that is how the Imaginary Friends began and became truly real. 

Photo by: K Cusick

Oh Antonio And His Imaginary Friends Day - Austin

Austin, Texas Mayor Steve Adler declared March 12, 2020 Oh Antonio And His imaginary Friends Day. It was a strange time. SXSW had just been cancelled. And the mayor was giving daily updates on the state of the city. It was the last public event we played before lock down. Council had ended early and we were ready to go play. City council let us play as many songs as we could fit in. It was a beautiful moment before the world stopped. 

Photo by: Mitch Harris

14. Iris
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