Imaginary Friends

Let's get Imaginary

Brian Alexander

Andrea Carroll

Andrea gets to RAWK out on violin and background vocals and loves being an Imaginary Friend! She also likes awkward high-fives, getting to know people, dinosaurs, and corny jokes (puns intended, please). Her personality is a mix between those unnaturally happy folks wearing all white in tampon commercials and Grumpy Cat rocking out to metal music. She is also the Assistant Program Director and Volunteer Coordinator for Girls Rock Austin, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls and women through music, social justice workshops, mentorship, and leadership skill building. Find a girls rock camp in your town through the Girls Rock Camp Alliance today!

Marcus Bennett

Antonio F Delgado

Hi! My name is Antonio!

In my spare time I write pop and melodic music and my goal is to make you smile.

I have toured the nation playing in bands you have probably never heard of. Sometimes, I have been blessed with the opportunity to open for bands like, as i lay dying, mewithoutyou, The Violet Burning, Jars of Clay, UnderOath, Fine China, Farewell Flight,  and a slew of others!

By day, I sell bourbon for Garrison Brothers Bourbon and in my free time, I run a non-profit that teaches robotics to under-served communities world-wide. That project is called Science In A Suitcase

Jeff Munn

The estranged son of Snoop Dogg and Sarah Silverman, drummer Jeff Munn accidentally swallowed a clock at age 7 and could soon perfectly tap 60 bpm on a table or any other loud surface. Quickly expanding to 120 bpm and–once he’s learned triplets–90 bpm, Jeff finally finished digesting the clock when he was 16, which is when he began learning other tempos from automobile turn blinkers and rattling half-broken Ford Taurus engines. Later, Jeff learned that strings make sounds too, so he picked up a guitar and started the folk rock band MUNN. One night, sometime between September 20th and 24th, Jeff met Antonio in a dream. When he awoke, Antonio had left a robot inside Jeff’s brain that plays any tempo. Now they can make wonderful, beautiful, fun, silly, rawkin music together with Jeff just a-drummin’ away and sometimes singin’ some oohs, ahhs, and naa-naas!

Matt “Mega” Watts

Engineer by day, saxophonist by night, and really not much of anything in the mornings. I’m just one of those classic Alabama boys, once I even killed a snake WITH MY BARE HANDS…. Or maybe it was a shotgun.. If that doesn’t say classic southern man I don’t know what does. I’m in Texas now trying to make a living with my music. Well technically I’m an engineer, just checking to see if you are still paying attention. But I do consider myself a musician, mainly because I played the bassoon in college (sexy right?)

Andrew Salido

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Lucinda Salido