Bazan – Disapearing Ink

I have been a fan of David Bazan for some time. His previous project, Pedro The Lion, delighted my heart. David has a way for placing simple words together and giving them big meaning. 


With Disappearing Ink, David presents us with two verses and a chorus. But that is all he needs to for us to listen to this stark electro-track.


Now, I just need to find the Bazan monthly record he originally let this gem out on. 

[Verse 1]
I recreate in the usual way
Shut some breakers off but not the whole box
Next day I wake till the fog finally abates
Again at risk of being bored by clear thought

Am I asleep? Am I awake?
And why am I asking you?
Do I enjoy the drugs I take?
My Lord
I hope I do
I hope I do

[Verse 2]
A false binary when it’s probably something in between
Pierce the yolk and watch it bleed together
The heavy things we think written in disappearing ink
They may be down right now, but nothing is forever

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