Dan Wilson On Songwriting

Dan Wilson is one hell of a songwriter. In the past, he has partnered with Adele on “Someone Like You” and with Chris Stapleton on “When The Stars Come Out.” In 2012, Dan gave the world some sage advice.

Write a lot of songs. Lots and lots of songs. A lot of problems with a song in progress can be solved by starting a new and different song. Share your ideas with people, don’t be shy and don’t think that there’s any upside in hoarding them. It’s really rare to have a song idea stolen. The risk is totally worth the upside in showing people your songs. Open-mic night, Soundcloud, find any and all ways to get your songs in front of an audience, you’ll be amazed how much an audience can teach you.

One day, I am going to splurge on a songwriting session with Dan. One day.


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